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A little about me...

Improving the user experience is my passion, and my web design and development skills are tools that I perpetually employ to feed that passion. My web design career began through a self-taught process, as I worked on any projects where I could to gain experience. Recently, I chose to fortify the knowledge and experience gained from my self-taught process by taking the Web Design Program at McMaster University, and finishing my Commercial Web Application Design Program from George Brown College.

Additionally, I received certificates from John Hopkins University where I studied Unix, and from George Institute of Technology where I studied User Experience Design.

While learning Unix helped me understand the very basics of programming, learning User Experience Design helped me understand many valuable UX/UI principles, and helped me look at design in a whole new user-oriented manner.

Being fascinated by how web analytics are becoming more crucial in today’s expanding web environment, I have also completed several courses in the Google Analytics Academy, which helped sharpen and fortify my knowledge of website traffic flow and user behaviors.

Beyond this I have also completed online Photoshop and Graphic Design courses to help broaden my knowledge and understanding of graphic design principles, which taught me many design techniques that are useful in both web design and the creation of web related media content.

My perpetual thirst for knowledge and improvement excites me to work for your company and to see how I can utilize my graphic, user experience and web design skills towards the growth and development of your organization and myself.

My Certifications

  • Introduction to User Experience
  • The Unix Workbench Certificate
  • Google Advanced Analytics
  • Google E-Commerce Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager Fundamentals
  • Varoius Udemy Certifications  (request a list)

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