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WordPress Development

I have been designing WordPress website since 2013. This allowed me to gain extensive experience in working with a variety of industries.

Short Central TV

Short Central TV is an online streaming portal for short films. When I got approached by the company they had already secured a theme and had trouble modifying it. The theme was overloaded with a large amount of unnecessary plugins (many of which were using a lot of resources) and had many internal bugs related to the theme design.

After conducting analysis, I removed several of the bulky plugins, replacing some for more "light-weight" versions and modifying the rest of the plugins and theme accordingly.

Some of the plugins that were modified; Visual Composer, WP Ultimate Search, User Bookmarks for WordPress and Admin Ads.

Felton Brushes Screenshot

Felton Brushes

Felton Brushes hired me to migrate their Joomla website to an E-commerce solution which could be easily maintained and modified by their non-technical team. This website also had to be integrable with the ERP solution which they were looking to implement.

The shopping experience they desired to achieve split between their "Buy Direct" product lines and product lines which could only be purchased via quote requests. They also wanted a live chat which their customer service team could use on both desktop and mobile devices.

After considering the desired user experience and budgetary restrictions, I chose to go with a customized WooCommerce solution with a unique "cartless" approach which allows users to buy direct for specific products, combined with the free version of Tidio live chat.

Forever Entertainment

I was approached by Forever Entertainment to create a custom WordPress theme with their brand logo and company name on the theme.

Their main goal was to have a simple, user intuitive website, which had clearly defined sections which they can expand as their company grows. They also wanted to to be able to easily add content themselves without any web development or HTML knowledge.

By harnessing the power of Advanced Custom Fields, Custom Post Types UI, and Contact Form 7, I was able to create an easy-to-use custom WordPress theme which incorporated their design, and was able to deliver the desired results in a satisfying timeframe.

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Custom Design & Development

I am proficient in and have substantial experience working with both ASP.Net/C#/SQL and PHP/MySQL backend development, as well as jQuery, JavasScript, AJAX, CSS3, and HTML5 for front-end development.

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Web Design & Mock Ups

I have extensive experience working with both MockPlus and Adobe XD when creating wireframes and mockups.

In addition to being a full-time developer, I have also had a side job testing websites for usability and bugs, which allowed me to get a better understanding of usability factors that drive high CTR, as well as common bugs and mistakes that occur during web design & development.

My User Experience course which I had the pleasure of taking at Georgia Institute of Technology, has also helped me gain an even more solid understanding of the underlying principles that drive good web design and ROI for my clients.

Mock Ups Screenshot

Coding & Development

I have experience building websites in both ASP.NET and PHP environments. Whether you need me to design a website from scratch or work with a web designer, I promise you will not be disappointed!

Security and usability are two principles that fuel every website I develop. My user-centered approach ensures that each page and object is designed to maximize CTR and ROI.

In addition to my coding experience and technical know-how I also excel in semantic and accesible web design, which combined with my personalized site architecture approach, allows all my clients to enjoy fast loading, search engine friendly websites.

Custom Design Screenshot

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E-Commerce Development

In addition to working with WooCommerce as seen in my Felton Brushes project above, I have also gained extensive experience working with Squarespace and Shopify.

Chef Felton

An extension of Felton Brushes, the goal of this website was to function as a simple website for their "Chef Felton" product line, allowing it's users to make easy purchases online.

In addition to development, the client wanted a good tracking system in place, as well as an easy to use inventory control system that allowed them to freely modify their product selection.

By harnessing the power of Squarespace E-commerce combined with a Google Merchant product feed, I was able to successfully help increase the sales within the first few months.

Link Tees

This was a client with a small business that wanted to expand his product line and improve the overall layout of the website. Being my first Shopify experience, I was extremely excited to get into some customizing and modifications.

The user also wanted to be able to make additions and changes themselves, which meant that a plugin was required to simplify the content creation process for the site administrator. A little CSS3 and a custom plugin later, the website was good to go with a happy and satisfied client with increased ROI.

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