Technical Skills

Front-End Development

"Web design is not just about creating pretty layouts. It’s about understanding the marketing challenge behind your business." - Mohamed Saad


I utilize the power of CSS3 to create responsive websites, often using Bootstrap to improve styling speeds and for its aesthetically pleasing modals.

CSS can be used in many ways, among which one of my favorites are the transitions and animations. Hover over the blue box to see a quick demo.

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CSS Sprites

Another great thing about CSS is how it can be used to speed up your website. By creating image sprites and using CSS, you can load an image only once and hold all your icons on that single image, loading them using CSS and saving time on loading resources which contributes to a higher search engine results page position.


Good use of HTML5 does not only mean using semantic and accesible markup, but also harnessing the power of its API tools.

One of my favorites, is the Drag and Drop API. Simply drag the "Sprite for Technical Skills Section" image into the box to see a quick demonstration.

REST/SOAP Web Services

I have up-to-date knowledge of both SOAP and REST web services, including Groovy script, testing, property transfers and end to end automation.


I have extensive knowledge and experience working with jQuery and AJAX and have been developing websites with JavaScript for over 3 years.

Adobe CC


Adobe XD




After Effects

In addition to these Adobe CC programs I am also proficient in web design software such as MockPlus and

Back-End Development

I have extensive experience in developing both PHP and ASP.NET websites.


I have extensive experience with Object Oriented Programming in PHP and am currenctly building on that knowledge by completing a course on popular PHP MVC Frameworks.


Looking to develop a website in ASP.Net? My knowledge of working with C# and SQL combined with my Front-End development skills are a winning combination for your ASP Website.

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